Pink Emerald Cut Diamond Necklace

$94.00 $190.00

The absolutely highest quality cut and is BEYOND sparkly -- perfect for layering or simply a minimalist wear. The rose gold compliments the blush pink so perfectly!

Lab created carbon diamonds have the same brilliance as many diamonds do…and can be confused by many except for a professional jeweler!

2 Carat Pink Lab Created Carbon Diamond
4 Accent Lab Created Carbon Diamonds fixed to chain
Setting and Chain - AG925, Sterling Silver (ROSE GOLD)
Non-tarnish, Nickel-free, Hypoallergenic

18" max with 2 option rings (17" and 16" lengths)

Sterling Silver can get wet, however we recommend to avoid water for longer lasting brilliance. Dry immediately if wet.
Store in a dry, cool place, avoid direct sunlight. Avoid storing in bathrooms (warm moist air compromises the brilliance). Best kept when using airtight storage.
Clean gently and softly with a soft cloth, for a deeper clean using mild soap and water and dry immediately.
Avoid contact with chemicals, perfumes and polishes. No chorine, sunscreen, face creams, lotions, etc. (Never come in contact with anything containing Sulfur